We believe that the developing world is full investment opportunities. However it takes knowledge of local markets and networking to take advantage of these opportunities. Ivotec aims to be your partner in Poland in finding and taking advantage of these opportunities.

IVOTEC Sp. z o.o. (Ivotec LLC) was founded only recently in 2014, however it’s a successor of HPT a sole-proprietor company which was founded in 2004. HPT (now WZ KTS) now only operates a tennis club in Sulejówek near Warsaw.

IVOTEC is a trading, investment and development company founded for the purpose of developing and marketing of services and trading in innovative products. Ivotec is an exclusive distributor of Maxfield wireless charging  products in Poland.

Product and service development 

In our development activities we focus on enhancing the use of information technologies and information-based solutions that can improve productivity and facilitate networking in the service industry. We focus on small and medium enterprises and professional service providers.

We are interested in solutions that optimize and lower costs of business processes, improve customer relationship management and support marketing activities.We are constantly searching for solutions that can be implemented in new industries or modifying existing products to fit new needs and solve new problems.


We are constantly looking for trade opportunities working in the role of an agent or an independent distributor in a range of different  fields. The particular fields (but not limited to) that we are looking for opportunities are:

– educational and training services

– B2B cooperation

– B2C access

– teaching and learning languages

– dental and medical services

– sports and leisure services

– mobile technologies

– energy conservation


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